...about marriage

” …about marriage – performance prologue” was shown as a performance prologue in Berlin at the 100° Festival for the 10th Anniversary of this festival. It is a collaboration between Katharina Maschenka Horn and Chris Scherer. Music was created by Claus Erbskorn and the work was produced by Marie Schmieder.

During this festival, snippets from the full scale work was shown at Sophiensaele on Sunday the 24th of February. 

Description: Weddings are a time when families come together. There is a beautiful ceremony where of course the bride overshadows all women, photos are taken of every possible family combination and sekt flows to make your grandma swear like a truck driver. There is a formal sit down dinner of chicken or beef, inappropriate speeches are made awkwardly leaving the man of honour questioning why it was funnier at home in front of the mirror while sickening love songs continue to get louder. The night ends as guests leave over piles of glass and vomit and they wake up promising never to drink again. This is a normal wedding.

Katharina Maschenka Horn and Chris Scherer are dissecting the culture surrounding marriage. In their performance prologue, they are twins – brother and sister – at their wedding celebration. They just got married – to each other!