Izzy D

Description: ‘Izzy D’ is a tribute to one of the most influential figures in contemporary dance, Isadora Duncan. As mother, lover, teacher and revolutionary, Isadora had the desire to restore dance to high art in the early 1900’s, believing it to be the highest expression of life. This work references her ideals, aesthetics and history in the tone of contemporary Australia. ‘Izzy D’ pairs Isadora’s teachings with current Australian political discourse sourced from film, politics and social media.

‘Izzy D’  was made on 3rd year Bachelor of Dance students at ACArts. Chris was invited to the dance program as a lecturer and choreographer, specifically to create a work on the students. In his research with the students (classes, workshops and rehearsals) there was a focus on connecting primal emotions with the physical as a way to generate performance material. 

Premiere: 16th of September 2014 at ACArts Adelaide (Australia) 

Running time 40 minutes.