Description: What do you do when you find yourself in a pickle? You cling to self-preservation. ‘Pickled’ presents one performer trying to survive (with dignity) the accident that is waiting to happen (which in this case is many). As one performer attempts to preserve his unique self image, the audience is invited to meet, invest, and to encounter his dilemmas and in doing so, surrender to their own judgments. The onlooker is encouraged to participate as the performer unravels his complex personality. And don’t we all have one of those?

As individuals we deal with our own highlights and shortcomings in various ways. But how do we truly assess those around us? What happens when vulnerability lets those things that you don’t normally talk about seep out? And in moments of panic when you find yourself confessing sins to save yourself? Or an overconfident mouth gets you into trouble? We make our history, preserving the good and the bad, which ultimately defines who we are.

Picked is a visual onslaught, an intimate journey where we ask you to play your role and judge someone you may never have met.

Credits: Performed and Devised by Chris Scherer, Sound Design by Sascha Budimski, Light Design by Felix Grimm, Duration: 48 minutes, Premiere in ‘The Toolshed’ Adelaide Fringe 2010, Redeveloped for DOCK 11 (Berlin, Germany) October 2011. Produced with the support of Carclew Youth Arts and the Helpmann Academy.